create calmness in your workplace

Your employees mind is their most valuable asset. It's what helps them to be productive, creative, focused, compassionate and most importantly, happy. Investing in your team's mental wellbeing is ultimately an investment in your business' most valuable asset. In a one-year, randomised study of 161 participants, researchers at the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic found that mindfulness-based techniques, including meditation, can lower stress levels in a demanding work environment and lead to happier, more engaged employees. Participants reported a 31% decrease in stress levels and a 28% increase in vitality. And what’s even better... positive psychological changes were still evident a year later!

This is why meditation and mindfulness in the workplace is critical to your organisations performance. 



increased wellbeing, reduced absenteeism

Regular meditators experience reduced anxiety, stress and depression, in addition to improved immune system functioning. 

productivity + performance

Meditation strengthens our ‘mental muscle’, and has been found to improve information processing, focus, memory and cognitive flexibility.


Research has found meditation to promote ‘divergent thinking’ a type of thinking that allows many new ideas to be generated.

happiness + job satisfaction 

A regular practice will help employees to experience higher levels of optimism and more positive emotions towards your organisation. 

My mainstream corporate meditation and mindfulness workshops and courses will provide your employees with the skills to calm down, recharge and destress, while also increasing energy, focus, productivity and happiness. My programs are completely flexible, and can be tailored to match your goals, budget and time frames. 





Thank you so much for joining us in Cape Schanck.  Your session was fabulous and landed so well with the group.  So many people have already connected with me to share the changes they are making since the 2 day program.  It’s fabulous to hear.

— Emily Armstrong, Respiratory Sales Manager, Astra Zeneca


Meg facilitated a number of Introduction to Meditation sessions for our sales staff. Meg successfully demystified “how to meditate” by keeping it very simple. I am pleased to say that there has been a very good level of take up by the staff involved and we plan to use Meg to run further sessions with team members this year.

— Wayne Goodings, Sales Trainer and Coach, Kay & Burton


Meg is fantastic. Just by her nature and natural calm demeanour you can’t help but relax. The practice she guides you through really works well and provides a moment of peace in a busy day.

— Michael Stonier-Gibson, IOOF