It's no secret that I think meditation is amazing, after all, it’s been a huge part of my own journey towards a life of calmness and contentment and it's what I'm lucky enough to call my 'work'.

I created my free 7-Day Meditation Challenge to help people like you get started with (or come back to) a daily meditation practice, because I know personally just how transformative it can be. 

By joining my free challenge, you'll receive a mini course in mindfulness for as little as 5-10 minutes a day, all delivered straight to your inbox. So why not get started? Trust me, the next 7 days could change your life. 

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still not convinced?
here's what others have said about the challenge... 

Thank you so much I do feel more relaxed and calmer. I enjoyed each and every one. 

— Yanna

Thank you so much for taking the initiative of 7 - day meditation challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's interesting to observe how our mind tries to find every possible reason to make us feel busy and not find 5-10 minutes a day for meditation. But I did manage to overcome that and finished my challenge. Feeling so grateful that you did this at the beginning of new year, it did give me some insight and energy to work towards my goals for this years.

— megha

Thank you, so much, Meg, for the seven day practice. I listened each morning and evening. Meditation has been challenging for me in the past because I always felt I needed to sit 20-30-40 minutes. Your brief sessions were just right. In fact, I always ended up sitting longer after each of your guided meditations. You have a way about you that is so gentle, liberating, kind and wise. Thank you so very much. 

— Kate

I completed the 7-Day Meditation Challenge and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it so much that I am going through it again for another week! Thank you so much for making this available. It was the perfect introduction to meditating for me. You are doing great work by sharing the benefits of meditation with others. It may not always be readily apparent, especially when your students are spread around the world, but you are helping people and changing lives.

— Bryan

Thanks for the 7 day challenge. I've been meditating off and on over the last few years. I've been struggling recently to get back in the habit despite knowing how much better i feel when meditating regularly.  Your challenge was wonderful and has pushed me back towards a more regular practice. I really enjoyed those meditations and continue to enjoy those on insight timer.  

— Trent

I loved your 7 day meditation challenge. You definitely have a gift for guiding people into meditation.

— Mary