calmness in the classroom

My meditation classes, workshops and courses are designed to help secondary students overcome the anxieties and insecurities of adolescent life, while also helping them to find confidence and calmness during a stressful period in their lives. I'm all about creating a safe space for students to share their experiences with one another, and enable students to feel less alone by sharing my own experiences with anxiety and depression during adolescence. 

I provide students with the skills to adopt a mainstream mindfulness meditation practice into every day life, helping them to feel a greater sense of calm throughout their studies. My programs are completely flexible, and can be tailored to match your goals, budget and time frames. 



Recent research in the fields of psychology, education and neuroscience have shown that teaching meditation in schools has a positive effects on students' well-being, social skills and academic skills, while also improving self-control, emotional resilience, memory and the immune response. The main benefits relevant to students include:

academic performance

Meditation strengthens our ‘mental muscle’, and has been found to improve information processing, focus, memory and cognitive flexibility.


By encouraging students to look inwards, meditation helps to improve self-identity, resilience and self-acceptance.


A regular practice will help students to experience higher levels of optimism and more positive emotions than nonmeditators.


Students who meditate regularly experience reduced anxiety, stress and depression, in addition to improved immune system functioning.

Reference: Waters, L., Barsky, A., Ridd, A. et al. Educ Psychol Rev (2015)


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The session was just FANTASTIC! Both the girls and staff had such positive feedback.You could feel the energy in the space shift so dramatically. Such a worthwhile experience for everyone.

— Vicky Spanos, Dean of Year 10, St Catherine's School

Meg was just outstanding. Both staff and students left the session totally energised and relaxed. Her soulful and intuitive manner was just a breath of fresh air, she is just amazing!

— Jessica Schemioneck, Year 8 Co-ordinator, Marian College

Meg's presence and voice was serene. I loved what she had taught us as students who might be under constant stress due to school or any other problem. She is an amazing teacher!

— Year 11 student, Marian College

In a society where stress and anxiety are so prevalent and our youth are experiencing issues like never before, Meg was able to provide the girls with an avenue where they can find their own 'happy place' and focus on being more mindful about life. It was nice to see the girls feel a sense of calm and learn about strategies that may assist them things become overwhelming and they need some release. Such a valuable and worthwhile workshop for everyone!

— Year 10 student, Marian College

After completing the meditation workshop, it has made me think more about being mindful and appreciating the smaller things in life. I really enjoyed both parts of the mediation the first when feeling centred, worry free and calm, and the second when using the chocolate and strawberries in showing how we can be mindful through everyday routines (the chocolate and strawberries really made this).

— Year 9 student, Marian College